Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lesson Self Assessment

I just recently did my lesson and taught it. I was really nervous, but at the same time I felt that I would do a good job teaching. When preparing for the lesson I had to revise my lesson plan I previously did to make it longer, and more suitable to teach because I was sick. I used the internet to tell the story I had to read to the class. I also went to the store to buy colored paper and crayons. My objectives were, at the end of the lesson, students will be able to answer comprehension questions, and students will be able to provide the effect when the cause is given by the teacher.
The students had to do a worksheet to make sure they understood cause and effect and I had ten questions they had to answer after they saw the story. My lesson plan was somewhat executed as it was written although I had to rewrite it and add the things I did in the class that were not in the original lesson plan. The most important thing I tried to teach my students was to determine cause and effect. I believe teaching them cause and effect went well, it was my first time teaching a language art subject and I believe I did a pretty good job. Based on the worksheets about cause and effect I could have told if the students grasp what I taught or if they are still struggling. Teaching the class made me nervous and I learned that it is a classroom and students are going to act out. It would be suitable if your rules were obeyed and make sure proper actions would be taken for miss behavior. If I could do it all over again I think i would have made sure I dealt with problems a little better.
When I did the lesson I tried to make sure every student was hands on. I did teach a second grade class so i think they could have been more active or I could have been more active with them. The only technology I used was the projector. I showed a YouTube video of the book I was going to read to the class. All the students sat around the projector and watched the twelve minute film. That gave me time to prepare and look over my notes I had. I think a second grade class would love to watch a film other than someone reading it to them or reading it out loud. They get a visual image as well as the auditory part. Other than that I think the lesson went well. I tried my best to teach a good language arts lesson.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My 5 Questions

1. What happened after Gilbert gave the cards to Lewis and Margaret?
2. What was the main idea of the story, Roses Are Pink Your Feet Really Stink?
3. If Gilbert wrote good things to Lewis and Margaret, what might the ending might have been?
4. Do you agree what Gilbert did was right? Why?
5. How would you react if you revived a nasty V-Day card?

Friday, September 30, 2011

Wordle take 2

I should still be sleeping right now. But today’s class was very interesting i made a wordle today about my book. I had problems putting it on this blog. It is really color full. On top of that i realized how bad i am at spelling terrible at it. I can do calculus like it is no tomorrow but when it comes to spelling forget it. The wordle was about my book. It had many words and as soon as it was done you could tell it is a book about V-Day.

My WoRdLe

Wordle: Roses are pink

What A Week

I was bullied today in class and Proff Luongo picked on me. Besides that i worked on my Gloggester and it went pretty good. I enjoyed copy and pasting things and creating a vibe like i was making a poster. I tried to use nice Valentine things that would go with the book because it took place during V-Day. I'm striving to do better in this class to get that A.......hopefully!

Thursday, September 29, 2011